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The new Century Jet 100 is known as the world’s most affordable business jet. And with good reason.

The price is well below its nearest jet competitors. In fact, it’s comparable to what you’d expect to pay for a low-priced turboprop.

The Century Jet also is easier and more economical to operate than the aircraft that it will most often replace. On a per mile basis, it beats many of today’s most popular turboprops as well as cabin-class piston twins. Its direct operating costs add up to only $335 an hour or $1.10 per mile. That’s 44 percent less than turboprops and 28 percent less than piston twins.

Compare our costs to any other business aircraft and you’ll see what makes us so proud.

Today’s businesses demand a lot from their aircraft. Namely, that it offers the flexibility necessary to fulfill any mission. The Century Jet is ideally suited for everything from executive transport and air charter to surveillance or air ambulance service. Plus, the single pilot Century Jet makes so much sense for business purposes that owner/operators also can justify using it for their personal travel.

Our spacious, pressurized cabin assures that five pasengers, plus a pilot, can travel in absolute comfort. To gain a wider cabin in a comparable aircraft, you’d have to spend an extra two million dollars for one manufacturer’s airframe and an added six million for that of another company.

As you’d expect from a luxury business jet, your passengers are welcomed aboard by seats that recline and swivel, a recessed, executive work table, laptop computer outlets and a complete refreshment center. The pilot will appreciate our highly accessible cockpit, one that he or she can slide into and out of with ease.

Storage space also is abundant on the Century Jet. Three areas – the aft fuselage, nose and cabin – supply 63 cubic feet of space to stash your belongings including oversized items such as golf clubs and skis. Even if you add the optional lavatory, you’ll still have 43 cubic feet of remaining storage.

The new Century Jet is the launch aircraft for twin Williams FJ33-1 turbofan engines. Based on the design of the highly successful FJ44 powerplant, this powerful duo is engineered to offer an uncompromising combination of efficiency and high performance.

For example, only 25 minutes after takeoff, the Century Jet will have climbed to 37,000 feet. You’ll be cruising comfortably and quietly at 425 mph without irritating propeller vibration. That’s more than 140 mph faster than turboprops and 175 mph quicker than piston twins. As you fly toward a destination up to 1,500 nautical miles away, our jet sips as little as 50 gallons of fuel per hour.

What if you need to fly to an airport with a notoriously short field? No problem. The Century Jet can take off from runways as short as 2,900 feet. Or if there’s turbulence ahead that you’d prefer to avoid, simply climb to our jet’s 45,000 feet ceiling for a smoother flight.

Pilots will appreciate how easy and responsive the Century Jet is to fly. A complete avionics suite offers exciting, proven technologies such as large, LCD primary flight and multifunction displays. Advanced avionics are just further evidence of our jet’s superiority over the turboprops and piston twins it’s destined to make virtually obsolete.

With certification of the Century Jet rapidly approaching, the delivery of your first jet won't be far behind. So now is the perfect time to reserve one of your own. For more information regarding the Century Jet 100 please contact us at (716) 699-8608.

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