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Century Aerospace announces twin engine Century Jet.

Las Vegas, NV, NBAA Convention, October 19, 1998: – Century Aerospace Corporation unveiled their new twin engine Century Jet 100 today at a press conference / unveiling ceremony at the National Business Aviation Association’s 51st Annual Meeting and Convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The new Century Jet 100 will be powered by twin Williams International FJ33-1 engines, the latest member in the family of reliable, efficient powerplants from Williams International.

The original Century Jet was to have been powered by a single Williams / Rolls FJ44-1 engine but new advances in turbine engine technology have now made it possible to offer a twin engine jet with operating costs lower than other single engine jets.

The new Century Jet 100 offers low operating costs, a cruising speed of 370 kts, a 1,500 nautical mile range, generous baggage storage, an optional lavatory and a comfortable six-place cabin – all for approximately $2.38 million – a cool $1 million less than the closest twin jet competitor.

The Century Jet outperforms every cabin-class piston and turboprop twin aircraft in speed, altitude and operating cost per mile. It offers a maximum altitude of 45,000 ft – twice as high as most cabin-class piston twins. In addition, it costs 19% less per mile to operate than single engine jets, 48% less than twin engine jets and 81% less than twin engine turboprops.

“The key characteristic of the Century Jet 100 is its simplicity,” said Dale Ruhmel, Century Aerospace Vice President of Engineering. “The size and efficiency of the FJ33-1 engines combined with a well-thought-out design minimizes risk and maximizes performance.”

The Century Jet will be certified to U.S. FAA requirements under FAR Part 23, including single pilot operation. First flight of a conformed article is scheduled for 1st Quarter 2000, followed by certification in 3rd Quarter 2001 and deliveries in 1st Quarter 2002.


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