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New Century Jet greeted with an enthusiastic welcome at NBAA

Albuquerque NM, November 30, 1998: - The twin-engine Century Jet 100 has its official unveiling in front of a large crowd of aviation enthusiasts during a press conference held at the Century Aerospace booth on opening day of the National Business Aircraft Association’s (NBAA) 51st Annual Meeting and Convention in Las Vegas.

The Century Jet 100 is the industry’s newest, most affordable business jet. It will be powered by twin Williams International FJ33-1 engines, the latest addition to Williams family of reliable, efficient powerplants.

Over 200 prospective buyers, media and industry icons gathered at 10:30 a.m. to witness history in the making. Moments later, Bill Northrup, President and CEO of Century Aerospace Corporation, gave the opening remarks and lead the ceremonial unveiling of the new Century Jet 100 mockup.

The event continued with spirited participation by Roy Norris, Consultant and Century Aerospace Executive Board Member, and Torch Lewis, Industry Spokesperson and Century Aerospace Director. Ron Schwedland of Williams International confirmed that Century will be the launch customer for their newest turbofan engine. And then, to the delight of industry observers, Moya Lear approached the podium. In her comments, Lear, the revered matriarch of the industry, favorably compared the Century Jet to her husband’s first jet and proclaimed that the Century Jet is “a beautiful descendant of its ancestors.”

Interest in the Century Jet at the three-day NBAA Show was remarkable. Customers and investors visited the booth, discussed its superior performance and advanced features, and climbed into the mockup’s cockpit to experience the Century Jet 100 for themselves. At the show’s conclusion, Century Aerospace had nearly doubled their jet sales to a total of 39. Sales of the Century Jet 100 are presently at 51 units and the price is now $2.6 million.


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