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Century Aerospace and SGL Carbon Composites Partner to Build Century Jet Fuselage

Albuquerque, N.M.-July 30, 1999-In a joint press conference, Century Aerospace Corporation and SGL Carbon Composites/Hitco today announces that the two companies plan to partner for the design/build effort of the Century Jet CA-100 carbon-composite fuselage—a $60 million deal. The partnership not only symbolizes a milestone in regard to CA-100 production, but also represents SGL’s entrance as a major risk-sharing partner.

"Century engineers have vast experience in composite structures design and manufacturing,” said Bill Northrup, president and CEO of Century Aerospace. “Now with SGL on board and all the experience and facilities they bring to the table, we feel that we have all the capability necessary to produce the Century Jet fuselage."

The scope of work covered under the partnership includes all composite structures in the fuselage—specifically the forward fuselage shell, aft fuselage shell, forward/aft fuselage splice joint, tailcone fairing, wing/body fairing and aft pressure bulkhead.

Currently, Century and SGL are working out the specific manufacturing techniques that will be used to produce the CA-100 fuselage. The fuselage will be built in two sections—the forward section and the aft section—using a male mandrel. The parts will then be cured in an autoclave and later joined together to form the complete fuselage structure.

"We at SGL recognize the emergence of the business jet market as a significant growth opportunity for composite structures,” said Mike Webb, product manager at SGL. “Partnering with a cutting-edge company like Century affords us an opportunity to enter that market."

The California-based SGL Carbon Composites, with annual sales of $1.3 billion, is considered one of the most capable, large composite-structure manufacturers in the world. Composite aerospace structures produced by SGL include the tailcone assembly for the Boeing C-17, the 10 ft. diameter solid rocket motor nozzles for the Titan IV rockets and the Boeing 767 flap-track fairings. SGL also produced composite rocket nozzles for the Delta II and III, Titan IV (SRMU), Lockheed Launch Vehicle, Minuteman, Peacekeeper, and Star 48 series motors, as well as, composite missile closures for the Trident D-5 Submarine.

With more than 50 years in the composite-structure arena, SGL has produced among the largest, single-piece, autoclave-cured structures ever built. Its facilities include composite-winding machines, autoclaves up to 15 ft. in diameter and 40 ft. long capable of 300 psi and 600o F, and a manufacturing facility covering more than 400,000 sq. ft.

Century Aerospace Corporation is the manufacturer of the Century Jet CA-100, the world’s most affordable business jet. The first Century Jet is scheduled to make first flight in the second quarter of 2001 with initial deliveries to begin in the first quarter of 2003.


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